The 3 reasons why every entrepreneur should have a blog

Hey guys,
This is my first blog post, woohoo~! so I’ll do my best, by trying to keep it maintained.

Today I’ll explain to you why I opened this blog, and why every young entrepreneur should do exactly the same.

Why entrepreneurs need a blog?

1. Nobody knows you

I’ve known for a long time that a blog is something that I need to do. But, it actually really seeped into my mind after my friends, @LiorKesos and @SagiShrieber, convinced me to do so; Sagi told to me something really powerful:

” You might be very talented, and people who worked with you know that as well. But it’s the rest of the world who has no clue who you are and what you’re worth. “ Sagi Shrieber

Letting people know you is generally a good thing for a business-man. For instance- it gives investors the opportunity to get know you better- think of it as a “cheat” to gain an advantage over all the other entrepreneurs that nobody knows.

On the internet nobody knows you're a dog

2. Build your brand

As an entrepreneur, you probably know that you are your startup. Branding yourself as “a person who knows what he’s talking about” will brand your business as well, which could help you in almost every aspect:

  1. Fundraising - “well known” entrepreneurs are sexier than the others! Everybody wants to bet on the next raising star.
  2. Hiring - your blog can convince good candidates that are impressed by you to apply and join your company. Everybody wants to learn from the best; you just need to convince them (and almost everybody) that you’re the best.
  3. Marketing - as I said before: your startup=you, people who will read your blog will probably want to try your brand new product.
  4. Share your thoughts - dah?? :P

Your brand

3. Updates about your progress

A blog is a great tool to help to create a group of followers/fans of yours. Followers could be other entrepreneurs, investors, users, developers, and even your rich uncle.

Updating your followers with your progress could be a good thing: telling them about what you learned from your progress could help you to gain their trust and allow them to connect with you, your product, and your company by making them feel like part of your journey.

Well, that’s all for today. I’m inviting you to tell me what you think in the comments below, and to share this of course.
 ~ Almog

Written on January 23, 2015
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