Almog Baku

Hey there! My name is Almog Baku; I am an entrepreneur, leader, and developer with more than 12 years of experience. Expert in Go and in getting things done.

On this blog I’ll write about entrepreneurship and development.

My story

As long as I remember myself, I always loved to found initiatives. Even back in 2004, as a young boy, I first enjoyed to dive into a bunch of code, and hack it to meet my needs for my projects.

Very fast I found myself doing advanced programing, and contributing to the open-source community, and of course- started to making money by using my skills.

Funny facts about me and my youth

  • At age 12 I founded community forums website, and was able to convince 3 bigger communities to merge into my platform (Total 10K users).
  • At age 13 I was hired for the first time as a freelancer developer (for a local ISP company).
  • At age 15 I founded my first startup(although at the time I didn’t called it a startup) Eyooi, which offered a customer service through ICQ. The service actually allowed users to message the brand’s bot, and to chat with him- while in the background the client customer service suggested a queue management, and multi-agent features. It’s kinda funny that startup companies do the same thing today with Facebook messanger (which have a way more easier protocol than ICQ protocol).
  • At age 16 I founded my first non-profit “startup”, and recruited 6 other volunteers in order to enhance the education skills of the Israeli Scouts movement guides.
  • At 17 I was hired as a developer at mantis.
  • Served as combat soldier at Golani (IDF).
  • At age 19 I lectured for the first time in a professional developers conference.
  • At age 20 I founded my first hi-tech startup, SocialBelong - As the comapny’s CEO I was able to lead my team to acquired 18 paying costumers, 5,618 users, and managed 6 employees.


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