Disciplinary lean strategy

5 min to read.
As you may know, the most famous use-case for lean methodology apply for the product lifecycle- You build a product, measure the product usage, learn from the product data, and build again. However, I found that this methodology can be applied for other disciplines of the company, and not only for product development, you just need to use the "Build > Measure > Learn" loop for each discipline of the...
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Building REST API clients for AngularJS

< 1 min to read.
I recently lectured about building REST clients for AngularJS. At this presentation I made an introduction for REST APIs, and showed the disadvantages of using the traditional service $resource, and offered a better solution for building stable and standalone API service for your AngularJS project. In my opinion, using Restangular is one of the best tools for building a REST client for an AngularJS project, which is entirely separated from...
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Thoughts about introductions strategies for fundraising

3 min to read.
Raising funds is one of the toughest jobs you need to do as a startup founder, especially during the beginning of your journey. In this post, I focused on the approach part of the process, and investigated one of the worst mistake that I made at GoDisco- giving up on introductions. We all know how efficient a good intro can be, and how we can benefit from it. Actually, that's...
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The 3 reasons why every entrepreneur should have a blog

2 min to read.
Hey guys, This is my first blog post, woohoo~! so I'll do my best, by trying to keep it maintained. Today I'll explain to you why I opened this blog, and why every young entrepreneur should do exactly the same. Why entrepreneurs need a blog? 1. Nobody knows you I've known for a long time that a blog is something that I need to do. But, it actually really seeped...
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